“Devices need a fresh approach and a new way of thinking about security”

“‘Cybersecurity is an absolute top priority for automakers,’ said Wade Newton, a spokesman for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, a trade group representing the world’s largest car makers.”

“‘The CAN bus is hopelessly insecure,’ Fisher said. It was developed decades before cars were connected to the Internet and lacks features to block malware programs or reject commands from unauthorized intruders.”

“The low-cost chips used in many Internet of Things devices lack built-in security features…”

“…Sadowski said he believes that Internet of Things developers would benefit from the same kind of crisis mentality. ‘I think we do need a rallying cry like that,’ he said. ‘Many of the developers are probably thinking features first, security second.  . . . What we really need to do is educate the developers and the users as to the potential risks.'”

Read more: http://www.betaboston.com/news/2015/08/03/after-car-hack-internet-of-things-looks-riskier/


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“Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway”

“Drivers shouldn’t have to choose between being connected and being protected.”

Charlie Miller, a security researcher at Twitter, and Chris Valasek, director of Vehicle Security Research at IOActive, have exposed the security vulnerabilities in automobiles by hacking into cars remotely, controlling the cars' various controls from the radio volume to the brakes. Photographed on Wednesday, July 1, 2015 in Ladue, Mo. (Photo © Whitney Curtis for WIRED.com)

“‘This might be the kind of software bug most likely to kill someone.’ In fact, Miller and Valasek aren’t the first to hack a car over the Internet. In 2011 a team of researchers from the University of Washington and the University of California at San Diego showed that they could wirelessly disable the locks and brakes on a sedan. But those academics took a more discreet approach, keeping the identity of the hacked car secret and sharing the details of the exploit only with carmakers.”

Read more: http://www.wired.com/2015/07/hackers-remotely-kill-jeep-highway/

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Gigavation invited to speak at MIT Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) Workshop on Cybersecurity Innovation


“Cybersecurity innovation is a recognized goal across industry, and in society, due to the increasing threat of cyber espionage and crime as well as the importance of maintaining simple user interfaces. MIT Startup Exchange (STEX) is convening a workshop to discuss the latest advances in cybersecurity from the perspective of corporates, academics, VCs, and startups in the MIT ecosystem redefining the field today.”

Read more: http://startupexchange.mit.edu/startupexchange/html/index.html#viewOpportunity/63

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IoT Predictions for 2020

“By 2020, it is predicted that there will be around 50 billion such smart, connected devices. The world’s population then will be around 7 billion. There will be more Things on the Internet than People on the Internet, making this the Internet of Things. Each of us will own multiple devices on the IoT that will influence our life. So, the impact that the Internet has on lives today will seem trivial as compared to what is possible with the IoT.”

Read more: http://blog.claricetechnologies.com/2014/03/demystifying-the-internet-of-things/


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Gigavation is hiring!

Gigavation offers an exciting environment to work with a world-class team on cutting-edge technology. We are looking for Software Developers with experience coding in C to join Gigavation’s product development team. Interested? Check out our Careers Page here.

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Security Moving More Into Hardware Realm, Analysts Say

“Computer hardware makers like Intel Corp. will continue to push security features into their chips as the ongoing spate of cyberattacks and the rise of connected devices in the Internet of Things presents an opportunity for secure hardware sales.”

“‘I would say we will continue to see manufacturers try to differentiate platforms and chip sets based on security,’ said Lawrence Pingree, an analyst with Gartner Inc. who covers security.”

Read more: http://blogs.wsj.com/cio/2015/02/06/security-moving-more-into-hardware-realm-analysts-say/

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Sensors for the Internet of things and cars will fuel chip growth in 2015, survey says

“Sensors are expected to be a big opportunity for chip makers in 2015, according to an annual survey of chip executives by audit, tax, and advisory firm KPMG. That’s a pretty good sign that the Internet of things, or making everyday objects smarter and connected, is driving the industry’s growth.”

“The survey of 155 semiconductor industry business leaders showed that sensors, big data applications, and medical equipment will drive revenues in 2015. Longer term, the revenues will come from biometrics, automotive technology, and robotics. The optimism about the Internet of things is no surprise, as chip makers such as Intel have made it a big priority.”

Read more: http://venturebeat.com/2014/12/09/sensors-for-the-internet-of-things-and-cars-will-fuel-chip-growth-in-2015-survey-says/


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Internet Of Things: 3 Holiday Gifts That Will Keep CISOs Up At Night

“There is currently no concept of intrusion detection, network access control, or vulnerability assessment in the IoT. In other words, IT security professionals do not have any visibility into what is coming in and out of the corporate airspace. What’s worse is that many IoT devices create their own mesh networks that can act as new paths into an organization’s most critical data.”

“According to a PwC report, one in three corporations experienced economic crime in 2014, with cybercrime making up 24 percent of the total reported frauds. With the proliferation of insecure and unregulated IoT devices, I predict cybercrime will be among the leading causes of data theft as early as next year.”

Read more: http://www.darkreading.com/operations/internet-of-things-3-holiday-gifts-that-will-keep-cisos-up-at-night-/a/d-id/1317992

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Defense drives IoT security requirements

“By 2020, an estimated 30-50 billion devices will be connected to the internet. Each of these devices will collect and communicate massive amounts of data, and as these devices become more sophisticated they are incorporating the ability to analyze the data and plan, manage and make intelligent decisions autonomously about sharing that information via embedded machine-to-machine communications with other internet-capable devices. DoD, to some extent, has been in the forefront of this revolution – planes, ground vehicles, ships, spacecraft, and weapons systems have been networking and sharing tactical data long before IoT gained momentum in the commercial world, and the defense industry has pioneered in the development of machine-to-machine communications and unattended sensors.”

Read More: http://www.defenseinternetofthings.com/benefits-attending-big-data-defense/ or http://www.tsnn.com/events/internet-things-defense-and-national-security

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USB attack code released — need for USB Security

USB_website“People look at these things and see them as nothing more than storage devices,” says Caudill. “They don’t realize there’s a reprogrammable computer in their hands.”

“But before even starting this arms race, USB sticks have to attempt security.”

Read more: http://www.wired.com/2014/10/code-published-for-unfixable-usb-attack/

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